Valeriano Cossu

software engineer

Valeriano Cossu
48 years
Cagliari, Italy
25+ years
Diploma Information Technology
(0039) 3515432522
valeriano.cossu [at]




Valeriano is an entrepreneur of the Software Industry (fintech / gaming) with over 25+ years of experience.

Valeriano is seeking how to create new specialized financial software for the Industrial Revolution 4.0, researching and experimenting with the most innovative technologies: blockchain, distribute storage.


software programming

IT consulting




I use it from 2007 (by {{Year - 2007}} years now). Distro: Debian, Ubuntu, AlpineLinux

Configuration of servers also virtualized with KVM Qemu

Firewall with IPTABLES


I use it from 2014 (by {{Year - 2014}} years now). It's becomed the main computer language I use today

With Golang it's simple to write high performat and scalable code with a microservice approach

Functional and pattern programming

Packages and plugin development

Blockchain development (Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric)


I use it from 2011 (by {{Year - 2014}} years now)

Cloud development with OpenShift (RedHat)

npm, nvm, phantom.js, express.js,, websockets, grunt, etc..


I use it from 1993 (by {{Year - 1993}} years now)

Miscrosoft Access, Microsoft SQLServer (T-SQL), Oracle (PL/SQL), DB2, MySQL, PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL is my prefered RDBMS, I use it from 2005. I have an extensive experience implementing stored procedures in: plPgSql, PlPerl, Plv8

Data modelling, Schema design and normalization

Tablespaces, Objects, Grants, Tables, Views, Triggers, Stored Procedures, Materialized views, Index management and query optimization (explain plan)

Tools used: Toad, AllAroundAutomation, Embarcadero, Navicat, SQLMaestro

I have experience operating on databases with over 1000 tables per schema

I have experience with banking databases (encrypted schema)

Backup and restore


I not like much to work with no-sql databases for the reason that they not are real databases, are just stores of data and are missing a lot of features, for example all the security features of the Rdbms world

Used: MongoDb, Redis

I have extensive experience using Postgresql as no-sql database (json features)


I started to learn Bitcoin and the blockchain technology in 2017

I have worked on Ethereum in Solidity (smart contracts) and on Hyperledger Fabric with Golang (chaincode), using NodeJs too

Experience in Token implementation (erc-20) and auditing

Experience in Solidity smart contract development: metamask, geth, go-ethereum

Implementation of two ICO websites and wallet integration (Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Dash)

Passionate about blockchain, distributed computing and cryptocurrencies

Knowledge in cryptography: simmetric / asimmetric, elliptic curve, hashing algoritms

Experience in the setup of Ethereum private nodes

Distribuited storage

I have experience integrating Ethereum smartcontracts and IPFS

I have experience on the setup and configuration of IPFS clusters (private) and to connect a private cluster to the public IPFS gateways

I have started to experiment with Swarm

Valeriano Cossu, software engineer

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Versatile and polyglot experienced developer.

Graduated in the field of Information Technology I started my career creating custom software solution.

I have worked later as a contractor (software engineer) in Italy, Czech Republic and Germany, acquiring considerable knowledge in different technologies and confronting different realities and different working methods.

In 2006 I was the founder of a gaming company, I writed a full betting winning software solution (project later continued in 2009).

Today (by {{Year - 2016}} years now) I moved my personal interest on the Fintech sector.

I research on the blockchain/distributed storage fields mainly.


"listed below my working activity of about {{Year - 1995}} years, for many of the companies listed I was working as contractor, through different umbrella companies who assigned me to their different customers, thats the reason I have worked (maybe) for too so many companies"

2017 - present
freelance, software engineer
self employed

I work remotely for different customers on different projects.

By 3 years my interests have moved on the blockchain / cryptocurrency sector.

Cryptocurrencies trading bot
Ethereum / IPFS integration, distributed file storage
ICO website
Solidity token & ICO website

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Cryptocurrencies trading bot

Its my own project, in stealth mode currently.

I am writing a blockchain platform capable to trade on any centralized and decentralized exchange through AI.

Technologies: Golang, Rust (wasm), Javascript, NodeJs, AngularJs

Ethereum / IPFS integration, distributed file storage

A distribuited platform to store the content of a file into an Ethereum smartcontract and send the file to: a public IPFS gateway and a private IPFS cluster.

Technologies: Golang, Ethereum, IPFS

ICO website

Website development for a Marittime Industry ICO.

Technologies: NodeJs, AngularJs, PostgreSQL, Ethereum (Solidity), Golang

Solidity token & ICO website

Website development for a real-estate ICO.

ERC-20 Solidity Token smartcontract, auditing and crowdsale smartcontract.

Technologies: NodeJs, AngularJs, Ethereum (Solidity)

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linux golang blockchain ethereum solidity nodejs angularjs kvm qemu docker
2014 - 2017
freelance, software engineer
self employed, multiple companies - Milan, Italy

During the 3 years I worked for different customers.

Some of companies for which I have worked, continue to be my customers, I continue to work on their projects remotely, discontinuously part time.

I signed the agreement to not disclose the details of the activities, neither to release publich their names.

(...) read more

The sectors on which my customers operate vary. Gaming (betting), printed paper (publishing) and e-commerce

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linux nodejs angularjs docker
02/2014 – 05/2014
c# software engineer & process specialist
INFOSYS {{name}}

Refactoring and bug-fixing for a Pfizer .net/c# project.

linux golang blockchain ethereum solidity nodejs angularjs kvm qemu docker

09/2011 – 01/2014
software enginner, freelance
self employed, multiple companies - Cagliari, Italy

Development of web and desktop applications in c# (Linux/Windows).

Management of a mixed virtualized systems with VMware on Windows, KVM on Linux.

Database modeling (SQLServer, Oracle, PostgreSQL mainly).

Rewriting of software modules with NodeJs previously written in c# for a betting application (see Stamford Hill Corporation and Leyton International Betting Ltd).

linux golang blockchain ethereum solidity nodejs angularjs kvm qemu docker
06/2011 – 08/2011
Tivoli monitoring administrator
IBM, Czech Republic

Recruited directly by IBM on the basis of the possessed skills before being placed on a training process useful to acquire the skills needed for managing a platform named Tivoli Monitoring.

Installation of Omegamon Windows Services agents.

(...) read more

I found the job and the technologies (especially the IBM operating system AIX) did not satisfy my ambitions and abilities, I preferred to resign my dimission

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windows xp ibm lotus domino ibm aix ibm tivoli
02/2010 – 09/2010
.NET/c# software engineer
Enel s.p.a.

Maintenance of a .net/c# console application, a tool used for data extraction/aggregation from other two applications (projects and portfolio management).

The extracted and re-processed data were used to automatically generate reports, intended for management ( webforms/pdf documents)

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After six months of activity I found the job repetitive and boring, I preferred to resign my dimission [view less]
windows sqlserver .net c# n-hibernate
05/2008 – 07/2009
Founder, software engineer (first programmer)
Stamford Hill Corporation Ltd, Cagliari / London - UK

My second startup!

The continued projct was the project started by my first startup (see Layton International Betting Ltd), a betting project destined to the management of the typical activities of a betshop extended with a sportbook platform.

Definition of the company mission.

Definition of the activities and of the technologies to use.

Definition of the architecture based on the IAAS/PAAS model.

(...) read more

Study of competitors and the market.

Study of the european standards and laws in the field of betting and the Freedom of Establishment within the European economic single market.

Search of european and local partners.

Research and coordination of two programmers (php and flash programmer) to support the frontend activities of the project.

Corporate and product presentation to a Bookmaker in London.

Hardware specification definition for the server unit, search and purchase of hardware components for the server unit, assembly and configuration of the server (Supermicro, 128gb of ram, dual processor, 16 cores) with Linux Debian, VMware with over 10 virtual appliances mixed linux/windows.

Daily remote administration of the collocated linux server in a webfarm in Prague.

Testing in the local market with the presentation of the product to different BetShops (to have a feedback on the product) in Sardinia Island, Italy.

linux debian windows dns server vmware server postgresql oracle xe rest / webservices apache2 / iis php mysql c# ( visual basic windows server 2003 windows xp

12/2007 – 02/2008
c# software engineer
Tietoenator (now Tieto), Ostrava - Czech Republic

Trained in the c# language by the company (advanced programming).

Participation on english language curses, RUP and SCRUM courses.

Study of the documentation inherent a mobile telecom project and other projects (not disclosure agreement).

Development of a tcp/ip Windows Service socket in C# completed of the installation setup.

windows tcp/ip windows services c# scrum rup
08/2007 – 10/2007
Project Manager, Prague - Czech Republic

Hired with the proposal to work as a Project Manager in Java / Oracle PL/SQL to direct a remote team of programmers.

Trained on the job on various Oracle stored procedures used by their product named "Tracker", a product used by the company to collect and analyze data over 100 countries that offer market insight and competitor analysis.

(...) read more

Study of the architecture of the jsp application behind the website.

I resigned my dimission as I discovered that Java is not a technology that I like to use

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windows java oracle pl/sql apache tomcat catalina netbeans
11/2005 – 03/2007
Co-founder, software engineer
Leyton International Betting Ltd, Cagliari / London

My first startup!

Defining the company mission.

Definition of the project and the technologies used.

Study of the market and competitors.

Study of European jurisprudence standards in the field of betting and the Freedom of establishment.

Search european and local partners.

Implementation of a Windows desktop software application in Visual Basic 6/.net and Microsoft Access database, to be installed in the BetShops, useful to the upload of the sports events palimpsest and to the preparation of the coupon/wager, calculation of the potential payout.

Installation of the product, management of 8 betshops in Sardinia.

(...) read more

Development of a server application (composed of many services and automated batch scripts, useful for communication with the server of the Maltese bookmaker (ciaobet, ciaolive) for the passage of bets game and their acceptance in real time or delayed.

Development of a backoffice application useful to monitor and manage the system.

Definition of hardware specifications for the server unit (1U tyan 128gb of ram), search and purchase of hardware components for the server unit, assembly and configuration of servers with Linux Debian.

Daily remote administration activity of the linux server, collocated in a webfarm in London Installation of the software at some BetShops in Sardinia Island (Italy).

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linux debian postgresql vmware oracle xe soa rest / webservices apache2 firewall, iptables c# ( visual basic microsoft access windows server 2003 windows xp
software engineer
Med World s.r.l., Milan - Italy [company now defunct]

The company operated in the wholesale sector of women's fashion accessories.

Architectural design and development of the company's entire information system, electronic cart and ordering software.

windows windows sqlserver visual basic asp 3 e-commerce
10/2004 – 12/2004
functional analyst
Sogei s.p.a., Rome - Italy

Leading a team of programmers, I teach them how to build (the steps to follow) web components in relation to an internal intranet application of Sogei.

microsoft visio microsoft word oracle html
software engineer, team leader
Cardtech s.p.a., Milan - Italy [company now defunct]

Development of an application (server and client) destined to enable Phone Centers to recharge their voip traffic, and for the management/recharging of prepaid telephone cards (cartagenia cards).

windows windows sqlserver asp 3.0 t-sql
2003, 2 months
software engineer Bookmaker, Innsbruck - Austria / Milan - Italy

Jokerbet is an Italian - Austrian bookmaker.

Development of a monitoring tool capable to retrieve all the market odds from the Betfair API platform and to make analisys on that data in real-time

windows windows sqlserver soa webservices gaming visual basic
software engineer
Vodafone Italy, Milan - Italy

Development of ETL procedures with SQLServer DTS intended to load (WAP traffic) data from files / gate-keeper to SQLServer tables.

microsoft sqlserver etl microsoft sqlserver data transformation services (dts)
2001, 6 months
software engineer

SIA s.p.a. Milan - Italy

ATS s.p.a., Milan - Italy

Development of procedures for the management of the multilanguage feature on software applications destined to Financial Trading.

microsoft windows visual basic microsoft access
software engineer
Omnitel Vodafone, Milan - Italy

Prosecution of an application developed with Microsoft Access for the Team Managers of the software areas: Analysis, Development and Test.

The software application served to the allocation of developers, analysts and testers on different projects, with special features to keep historical data always online and available, allowing the application, through configuration to operate on the past, without any need for recovery data from backups.

The activities have involved a total rewrite of the database model.

Development of components and libraries for the login to the application with SSO (Single Sign-On) and for the detection (log/alarm) of intrusion attempts.

microsoft windows microsoft access visual basic ocx, dll
2000 / 2001
software engineer
Infineon Semiconductors (Siemens), Regensburg - Germany

Development of a user interface for touch-screen devices (wafer management machines).

Development of integration DLL libraries for call Oracle PL/SQL stored procedures.

microsoft visual basic oracle pl/sql
oracle pl/sql developer
Globopolis Inc., Prague - Czech Republic [company now defunct]

Development of PL/SQL stored procedures for load the content of flat files on Oracle tables.

oracle pl/sql etl
1999, 8 months
software engineer
CGI IBM Group - Milan, Italy

I partecipate in a team of 10 programmers, to the re-writing of an insurance application for the Reale Mutua Assicurazioni company.

microsoft visual basic 5 ibm db2
1998 - 1999, 6 months
software engineer
CSC Computer Sciences Corporation - Milan, Italy [company now defunct]

Database schema design, data modelling and programming with Visual Basic

I implemented the architecture of an application destined to store data related to the municipal libraries of the italian region Lombardy, and the subsequent generation of a macro for the automatic generation of a book with index.

microsoft access visual basic microsoft word macros, vba
1998, 3 months
oracle pl/sql developer
Banca Popolare di Novara (now Banco BPM) - Novara, Italy

Working on unix terminals.

Added new features to a trading application, using Oracle PL/SQL.

unix oracle pl/sql
1997 - 1998
software engineer
Praxi s.p.a. - Milan, Italy

Added new feautures to the application used by the company for the recruiting process and psychological profiling of candidates (tests).

microsoft visual basic microsoft sqlserver
1997, 5 months
software engineer, team leader
PubliKompass s.p.a. - Milan, Italy

Coordination of a team of 5 programmers, definition and implementation of ocx-dll components to resize the layout and represent correctly the textual information and images for printing them on the newspapers managed by the company.

microsoft windows visual basic ocx, dll oracle
1997, 6 months
software engineer
Banksiel - Milan, Italy

Bank system prototype.

Added a replication feature on a database schema, with the peculiar feature to encrypt/decrypt the database field names.

microsoft visual basic microsoft access database replication cryptography
software engineer
Milano Assicurazioni s.p.a. - Milan, Italy

Added new feature to the internal application used by the insurance company for the management of automobile accident practices.

microsoft visual basic
1996, 4 months
software engineer
Assessorato alla Sanità della Regione Sardegna - Cagliari, Italy

Design of a database model to archive the medical records of the entire population of Sardinia island during different years to follow the creation of different procedures capable to analyze the data and create multiple reports.

The statistical data was published in the local newspaper.

microsoft windows nt microsoft access
1995 - 1996, 6 months
software engineer
Farmafactoring s.p.a. Milan, Italy

Study and practice on the job with SQLWindows of Gupta Centura.

Added new features to an home-banking application destined to the automated management of financial data-flows.

sqlwindows gupta/centura oracle 8
1995, 6 months
software engineer
Logos Progetti s.p.a. Assago (Milan), Italy [company now defunct]

Study and practice on the job with Jamm yacc 4g language.

Creation of new webforms (under unix hp terminal) for the drinking water consumption billing software used by the CAP of the Milan municipality (

unix hp oracle 7 jamm yacc
software engineer
Avion Sistemi s.r.l. Milan, Italy [company now defunct]

Softwarehouse and Internet Service Provider.

Software developments for multiple customers of the company.

Implementation of full applications with Microsoft Access 2.0, Visual Baisc 3/4 and SQLServer.

Example: Customized implementations on a software used by a a valve factory on over 50 workstations and technical interventions on the live production system.

Software assistance with technical interventions at customers' premises.

windows nt microsoft sqlserver microsoft access visual basic vba
operator (automatic mounting machines)
Elia s.r.l. Marrubiu (Oristano), Italy [company now defunct]

800-hour regional course for obtaining the qualification of technical operator.

Conduction of digital machines for the assembly of electronic components smt on electronic boards.

Repair of electronic boards (hard disk, sirio phone) through the use of test benches, oscilloscope and multimeter.

cnc machines electronic blockchain oscilloscope multimeter test benchs
1993 / 1994
software engineer
self employed, freelance

This is where everything started.

After I finish the school taking the specialization in information technology I started my own company offering my services in the local market.

I have implemented software applications using Visual Basic 3 and Microsoft Access 2.0

windows visual basic microsoft access


Graduated in 1993, with a diploma in Information Technology.

I.T.I.S. 'Dionigi Scano' Monserrato (Cagliari), Italy.


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